You’re writing your CV wrong! Here’s how to do it right!

Anyone who has recently been through the residency match knows just how important it is to create a curriculum vitae (CV) that catches the eye of the person reading it. The CV is a chance to show residency programs how the applicant has invested their time leading up to this point in their career. It should highlight various extracurricular activities (including volunteer work), research projects, and some demonstration of academic success. The best CV is one that tells a coherent story of where the applicant has previously been and allows for a clear vision of where the applicant is headed.

The guest post below was written by Dr. Brent Lacey, a gastroenterologist who is passionate about helping physicians succeed with business and personal finances. In this post, however, he switches gears a bit to share some incredibly helpful tips on how to write a CV that stands out from the rest!

After reading this post, head on over to Dr. Lacey’s website (, where there are tons of great resources to help trainees and physicians at all stages of their careers!

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